renderer class breaks problem

Discussion created by acurtiss16 on May 7, 2013
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I have a map application that is using a ClassBreaksRenderer method to show locations in either red, yellow, or green. My problem is that the min / max values do not seem to be working as I would expect them to, and I cannot find in-depth details on what math is being applied when assigning the breaks. Specifically, when a given value falls exactly on a break, it is not receiving the colorization.

Here are the breaks, defined in a global var:
globals.rendererValues = [
    classMin: 0,
    classMax: 79.5,
    legendColor: '#6BED5C',
    legendText: '<= 79.5'
    classMin: 79.6,
    classMax: 82.5,
    legendColor: '#EDED5C',
    legendText: 'In-between'
    classMin: 82.6,
    classMax: Infinity,
    legendColor: '#E0251B',
    legendText: '> 82.5'

And I'm attaching a screen shot of the final result, below. I have highlighted the geography whose value is 82.5, which should fall in the 'in-between' class break and be colored as yellow, but is instead showing up with no colorization at all. I would assume a max value is the highest value within a break, but it is behaving as though this value were out of range. Thanks for whatever help you can provide.