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Discussion created by dondanvm on May 3, 2013
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Does anyone have a solution for nested forms in ArcGIS.

There will be 10 field guys with laptops with a stripped down ArcGIS on it. They will click on a point (Pole) and a access database form will appear with nested (relationships?) form for the field guys to fill out.

The updating features, all the poles are GPS located in the database and have a xy and pole number. This inventory system will have the field crew out and they will fill in the data asked on the nested form. This data will be "new data" added to access columns and selected from drop downs on the forms. Sometimes, the forms will already have data such as "last maintenance" and the field will be updated with the current date. The current data is in a SQL geodatabase.

We are looking for a way to create forms as well as "nested" capabilities, Relationships?

Database nested classes are attached below