Panning Zooming of the map in different versions

Discussion created by shashank_a on May 1, 2013
Hi All,

I'm using ArcGis api version 2.2 and 3.4 and finding different functionality for the same code.

I'm adding few rectangles on the map and some connection to those rectangles. (Rectangles and their connection are drawn using Raphael Js library.)

Case 1 -> Using ArcGis api 2.2/2.3 I'm able to drag the rectangles to the new location and also pan,zoom(using Mouse wheel , Slider) the map in IE8 browser.

Case 2 -> When I test the same code in Chrome and Firefox browser's the behaviour is different, map is getting zoomed and paned but not the   rectangles.

Case 3-> By using the 3.4 version of ArgcGis the behaviour is much more different. In Chrome, Firefox, IE browsers the rectangles are being drag able and map is not getting paned or zoomed(Using Mouse wheel).

Can some one explain why this different behaviour is being shown by different version of API.
Is this a bug or else did I miss some thing to add to my code make this thing work using API 3.4 as it was working in IE using version 2.3.

One more thing why it is behaving differently in different browsers using the same version of API 2.3 referring to case 2[B](Mentioned aboved).