Extract by Mask issue

Discussion created by michael.mattaini on Apr 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2020 by Ecolog_esp
I've been working with a .tif of the National Landcover Dataset obtained from the National Atlas. I've been trying to use extract by mask on it (with the mask being a polygon), however I have been encountering a problem. The operation completes without error, however the attribute table is identical to the table of the input raster, and the raster won't draw. I also attempted to use the Clip tool in Raster Processing, but that produced a raster with no attribute table and the full extent of the input raster.

Additionally, when I export the raster that the Extract by Mask tool creates and import it to ArcGIS, the raster appears as a large block of false values. Attached is an image of this.

It is worth noting that I have used other shapefiles to extract the NLDC data with no issue, which would imply that the issue is the shapefile I'm attempting to use, however I have attempted this with multiple versions of this shapefile all attempting to extract the same area. It is a very strange problem.