Copying attributes

Discussion created by johnle1 on Apr 29, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2013 by rborchert
I was wondering if it was possible to copy attributes from one feature layer to another but to still keep the two layers in their original geographical location.

I have attached a picture to explain what I am trying to do.

I have two lines, the line with the attributes I am trying to copy from (red) and the line in which I am trying to copy the attributes to (green).

These lines represent gas transmission lines and the green line is the more accurate one. The problem is all the data is linked to the red line. I was wondering if it were possible to somehow copy the attributes of the red line to the green line but still keep the green line where it is now. What makes this even more difficult is the lines aren't just shifted replicas of each other however they are very similar in shape. Also, there are thousands of data points that need to be copied. Is there any relatively fast way to do this?