Creating new Attribute Table with Attributes form other feature classes

Discussion created by pichae on Apr 29, 2013
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Hello everybody,

My team and I are working on a projekt to connect data created in ArcGis to an other Software. Therefore we have to modify the attribute table of a polyline feature that we create during the projekt (we draw a energy distribution grid). The problem is that the required attribute table format contanins the vertic points coordinates of the polyline feature. While drawing the lines the vertics are not added to the attribute table. The basic idea that we got so far is to create a second point feature that contains the X and Y coordinates of the vertics. So now we have one feature with the polylines and an other with the vertic points. Now we are searching a way to add the information from the point feature attribute table to the linefeature attriburt table. We already tried with spatial adjustment but it seams that this tool can not copy from a column into a row. For better understanding I attached a picture that explains the path that the attributes should be transported from one table to the other. Once the "ObjektID" and the "ORIG FID" are equal the data in the column relates to one row. An other idea that we are wondering about is if there is a possibility to add the vertic coordinates directly wile drawing (that would simplify a lot) .Still we dont have any idea if what we want to do is even possible in ArcGIS so we are very greatful for any kind of support. (We work with ArcInfo 10)

Thank you very much for any comment or help