Schematic question

Discussion created by r.gabor on Apr 26, 2013
Dear All,

I am quite new to electronics, still learning a lot. I got a schematics, attachet to this post, which I wanted to enter into Cadsoft Eagle.

The only issue I have with this is that some of the part of the schematic I do not understand.

On the left side where the Capacitors are shown, there are I think references to the 8 IC present in the schematics.

Like IC1P .... IC8P

Can someone tell me what these are? I think it really reference to each of the IC, but what the P mean? and what the numbers mean, 10 for GND and 20 for VCC

How can I enter this in Cadsoft? I am not sure which package/device I need to use.

Any help is appreciated.