Point Symbol Roation and Join Layers

Discussion created by BlairServicessLLC on Apr 19, 2013
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Hello -

I've got an ArcMap layer with point features that are rotated based on a field in the feature class (SymbolRotation.)  This works fine.  However, when I join to this layer a table with additional attributes (using Join Layer) the symbol rotation is lost -- all points are rotated 0 degrees.   No other steps are perfomed. 

The SymbolRotation is a field on the original (non-joined) class.  The join is based on ObjectID to a corresponding field on the related table.  I keep only matching records -- and besides the rotation issue -- join works fine.

Steps are illustrated in the attached document.

Has anyone seen anything like this?  Any tips would be much appreciated.

Sorry about the typo in the thread title.