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Jagged contours from mosaic dataset

Question asked by rkelso on Apr 19, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2013 by rkelso
I created a file geodatabase mosaic dataset combining lidar-derived DEM TIFFs from a number of different surveys.  It combines multiple cell sizes and horizontal datums.  There is a lot to love about the mosaic dataset, I like it.

But I'm having a problem with generating contours from the master mosaic.  In areas where the source data is the lower resolution (6ft pixels vs 3ft) the contours appear jagged, blocky, pixelized, however you want to say it.  What is really throwing me off, though, is if I generate the contours directly from the source mosaic that has 6ft pixels, the contours are much more acceptably smooth, as they should be.

I'm attaching an example, it is a transition area where there is overlap between 3ft and 6ft pixels.  The yellow contours come from the master mosaic and it's easy to see what I'm talking about.  The purple contours come from the 6ft pixel source mosaic.  I'd appreciate any help with this!