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Discussion created by Lukaszczar on Apr 18, 2013
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Hi Matthias,

I have a question, so the project is about the University Buildings, I would have buildings shells (in layers, I can turn them off) and then I will have floor plans, after clicking on the specific room I would find the information about that space, lets say : description of the class, major, time, here is the problem : In the same class there are many other lessons during a day, so when the time is changing the classes change, is there any way to present that in Web Scene? as far as I know there is no option for the "time switch" in the "Information" tab. Are you considering to create something like that in the future? to have ability to manipulate data in Web Scene- there is a possibility in the inspector tab to change attributes using numbers or the "switch", it would be nice to have that in Web Scene