System.DllNotFoundException:Unable to load DLL 'ArcGISVersion.dll'

Discussion created by AlainBlaster on Apr 16, 2013
I cannot find an ArcEngine 10.1 specific forum so I am putting this here in ArcObjects SDK.

We have a WinForms application using ArcEngine 10.1 deployed to many Windows XP/Windows 7 32 bit machines.
It works fine.

The same application fails on startup on a Windows 7 64-bit machine.
Failure happens at the licensing stage.

The only solution I could find seemingly related to this error is this...

"OK, I found something here. We have to set project Build Platform target to x64 instead of x86. Then runtime binding and license checking will work correctly."

Before I put in effort to make a 64-bit build....

Has anyone seen this error? What is the known solution?