Service Area Odd Polygons

Discussion created by juhunter on Apr 12, 2013
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Hey all,

I'm attempting to do something with the Service Area solver that I'm not sure it was meant for. This is practically me attempting to find the closest facility, but do it as a pre-processed event, creating a feature class of the polygon rings. I'd like to take a locations lat/long from our CMS and do a spatial intersection on that feature class. To finish the explanation, the breaks I'm adding at 1 2 3 4 5 6 .... 1000, each ring would represent how far in 1KM chunks your point is away from a facility.

The problem is sometimes the polygons are very, very odd. I have checked to ensure the few issues I have seen have nothing to do with network breaks. There are sometimes large areas (up to 100KM) where the polygon information shows it should only have a 1KM difference.

Disabling hierarchy is not an option.

The image attached is one of the examples where a large chunk of road (this is is about 100KM) yet the attributes are:
FacilityID 1
FromBreak 747.4
Name 41083 : 747.4 - 748.4
ObjectID 12391
Shape Polygon
ToBreak 748.4

Any advice on how I'd pre-process this data would be great.