Filling in raster holes

Discussion created by map.girl on Apr 12, 2013
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Attached is a jpg file demonstrating our raster data. There are several holes (NoData or white cells) in the data that need to be repaired. The large white area in the upper right hand corner is supposed to be no data but all the rest needs to be filled in to its nearest neighbor. I realize that I will probably have to manually do the larger holes, but perhaps there is a way to fill in the smaller (read single) cells through automation. I looked at some of the generalization tools but I really only want to fill in the holes, not change the data that have non no data values already.

Anyone have some suggestions as to how to approach this? There are so many ArcGIS tools out there, I don't want to miss the ones that I don't know about.

Many thanks.

ArcGIS 10.1 Advanced with Spatial Analyst license