How Do I run many spatial join without overwrite previous results in Model Builder?

Discussion created by fvfaleiro on Apr 9, 2013
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I'm trying create a model in the "Model Builder" (arcGIS 9.3) to generate a presence/absence matrix of some species. My objective is generate a table with the species names in each column and the presence represented by "0" or presence represented by "1" in the lines (see the example bellow).

ID species 1  species 2  .....  species n
0       1             0                   0
1       0             0                   1
2       0             1                   1
3       1             0                   1
.        .             .                    .
.        .             .                    .
.        .             .                    .

Data base
I have many polygons with the species' distribution  and one grid like a fishnet delimiting the study area (polygon with many cells of same size).

I created a model (see the attached file) with "a list of values" in the species' parameter to perform the model to each species.
However the results countain all species with presence/absence values from the last species in the list of the spatial join tool. This "error" occur because first the model run all spatial join to only after do the others procedures. Then the field calculator calculate all species presence/absence based in the last species. [ATTACH=CONFIG]23362[/ATTACH]