Problem with Pyramids in SDE 10.1

Discussion created by jraymond on Apr 9, 2013
Ever since upgrading to v10.1 we have been having issues with building pyramids on raster datasets which have been created on SDE.  It doesn't happen every time, but it does happen often enough that it makes me want to repeatedly punch myself in the face as it is often on very large rasters that I have just spent 6-10 hours loading.  So the issue is that the rasters load fine to the geodatabase, but then when it comes time to build pyramids it seems to only want to build 1 level and then stop.  It doesn't matter what parameters I set (ie: nearest neighbor, bilinear etc) it refuses to build more levels.  Even if I delete pyramids and try to rebuild them it still does this.  It seems the only solution is to completely delete the raster dataset and reload everything from scratch-- maybe it will build the pyramids this time.

Has anyone every experienced this issue or have any advice on things to try? 



Jacob Raymond