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"Automatically executes when reached" problem

Question asked by keamrstrong on Apr 8, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2013 by keamrstrong
I have a series of "housekeeping" workflow steps (Reconcile and Post -> Delete MXD -> Delete Version -> Assign to User Group) that I would like to run without user interactions.  According to this link that should be possible.

However, none of the steps where I mark the "Automatically executes when reached" check box in the "Advanced Options" section actually starts when reached.  I still have to click on the "Run Step" button in Workflow Manager.  Are there any other system setting that need set to allow automatic execution of workflow steps?  Does automatic execution only work on certain step types?  I have attached an screen shot showing my current step settings.  All four steps that I mention above have identical settings to the screen shot with the exception of the values in the "Execution Properties" and "Step Name" section.