Possible to use esri.dijit.PopupMobile as replacement for default InfoWindow?

Discussion created by Artemus on Apr 5, 2013
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I'm developing a mobile app using ArcGIS JS API compact v3.4 and would like to use esri.dijit.PopupMobile as a replacement for esri.dijit.InfoWindow, as they both inherit from the same base class.

I'd like PopupMobile to be able to read and present attributes from graphics on a GraphicsLayer, via a custom InfoTemplate, like InfoWindow does. Ideally this would use the "click for more" arrow which PopupMobile offers. I'm not sure if there's a way to do this, though, as PopupMobile seems to require a FeatureLayer.

If I call
as I would with an InfoWindow, there's no error, but nothing seems to happen - PopupMobile appears with the correct title, but I don't get the right-hand "more" arrow as I'd expect (as shown in the attachment).

Adding a the graphic (which has the attributes) via
gets me the arrow but clicking it just hides the popup completely.

Is it possible use PopupMobile like the InfoWindow?

Thanks all!