Problems with raster convertion

Discussion created by engqvist on Apr 3, 2013
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I have a number of feature classes containing tracks of ships as line segments(1 feature class per ship) and I would like to convert these feature classes to raster datasets.
I want to calculate the under keel clearence of each ship, so I have obtained a digital depth model for the area in a 50m x 50m grid.
In the cases where there's more than one track within the same cell(one ship can sail one way and then the other the next day), the track with the highest value (from the column "Draught" in the attribute table) should have its value transferred to the raster.

This I am able to do with the Polyline to Raster-tool, using the priority field parameter.
However, my problem with this tool is, that my output raster does not have connectivity, meaning that the raster in some places is only connected diagonally, where I want it to be connected side to side or bottom to top (see attached illustration).

I have also tried to use the Feature to Raster-tool which solve this problem but with this tool I can't define the priority field, so the value represented in the raster is not necessarily the highest.

Does anyone know of another method, or possibly how to solve this?

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