10.1 ArcSDE Migration and Organization

Discussion created by TotranMai on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2013 by ldonahue
Currently our organization has a few datasets on 10.0 SDE, but many are in project folders as shapefiles and geodatabses. We recently added new servers that has a single 10.1 SDE. We're hoping to move all our project data and base layers to the 10.1 SDE and are trying to determine the best way to organize the 10.1 SDE "Data Center".  We're trying to avoid having multiple SDE's for each project and departments.

I've attached a PDF with how we want to structure our 10.1 SDE but we would like to get some recommendations/advice if this isn't the best possible organization structure. Ideally, we'd like to have a main "Data Center" with the GIS Team as administrators with complete access to edit the feature datasets.  We're planning to give each department only privileges to their feature dataset. For example, Department 1 would only be given privileges to the Dept1.Transportation feature dataset.

Would we be running into any complications with domains/subtypes, versioning, archiving and editing with this set up? We do have some non-GIS professionals that do their own data entry working with an shapefiles/geodatabases.  If we migrate all project data and base layers onto the same SDE would this cause complications? Right now we don't enable versioning but that is an ArcSDE function we'd like to begin utilizing.  We're concerned with departments accidentally reconciling/posting each others feature classes.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance!