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Discussion created by LuciH on Mar 28, 2013
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I am experiencing problems with a couple of my map services.  It seems as though they are cross-linking data.  See ArcGIS 10.1 Server error log:


I am getting an error about layer wFitting in map service FWBWater not drawing.  The error right before that one references and "Invalid colunm name 'Subtye' for swFitting in map service FWBWater.  Well,  swFitting is not even IN the map service FWBWater - it is in map service FWBStormwater. 

When I use the "identify" tool in my flexviewer app and click on a swFitting,  I get two popups - one for the swFitting data and one for wFitting data - any common field names are populated with the swFitting data in the wFitting popup.

FWBGDBpublic is a SQL database

FWBWater - is a dataset in FWBGDBpublic
wFitting  - is a feature class in FWBWater dataset

FWBStormwater - is a dataset in FWBGDBpublic
swFitting - is a feature class in FWBStormwater dataset

NONE of the FWBWater data is in the FWBStormwater map service and NONE of the FWBStormwater data is in the FWBWater map service.

Anyone else ever experience this?

I have deleted the services.  Recreated the services and still get the same errors.