How to Manage Multiple Splicing Connections at the same time..??

Discussion created by ganeshnarim on Mar 27, 2013
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Dear Experts,

I need your help in my project, We Have a regular task that need to use connection editor to connect Fiber Cable pairs for different splicing locations so normally as follows:

1. Go to the splicing location.
2. Selecting Splicing point Open Connection Editor selecting fiber cabled (in and out) and connecting.
3.Again repeating 1 & 2 for the same cable splicing but in different locations. ( Ex: Location-A, Location-B, Location-c, End Point)

So my question is How can i connect at the same time for All locations...?? It's really helpful for us to save time and all..

Please see my attached screen shot for there reference cable route and different splicing locations for that cable which i need to use my above steps for all "SPLICE" locations.

Thanks In Advance for your valuable support..
Ganesh N