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Unequal offset

Question asked by priyanka_mehta on Mar 21, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2013 by MBuehler-esristaff
  I am quite new to City Engine CGA rules.
I am trying to understand the offset and split rules.

I am using this simple script from the help file

attr red   = "#FF0000" attr green = "#008000" attr offsetval = -5 attr extrudeval = 20   Lot --> offset(offsetval) A  A   --> comp(f) { inside: I | border: O } I   --> color(red) #I --> extrude(extrudeval) O   --> color(green)

My original lot shape is a rectangle. Please see attached image.[ATTACH=CONFIG]22866[/ATTACH]
Basically I don't want equal offset on all 4 sides. I want to control the amount of offset on each side and also treat each of that side with a different attribute.
For eg. Front  --> color (blue) offset (-4)
           Back -- > color(red) offset (-1)
           Left    }   and so on...

Any help is much appreciated.

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