stream extraction

Discussion created by MalgosiaMendela on Mar 19, 2013
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could you please help me to solve the following problem:

I need to create automatically a stream using a raster as input data (Ob17_1).
I have applied Reclass (3D Analyst Tools-Raster Reclass) and Thin (Spatial Analyst Tools- Generalization) tools, but these could not (are not sufficient) generate right (such as real ones) bends (bends.bmp). 

Do you know whether it is possible to add some extra points belonging to bends and then use Thin or any other ArcGIS tool that couldgenerate a stream passing exactly through these trouble spots (extra points) and unable to create right bends?
Unfortunately, I could not find anything about it in the ArcGIS help manuaI (thin_help.bmp). 

Thank you,