PrintingTools (GP server) Export Web Map Task - Scaling Issues?

Discussion created by geotrekGIS on Mar 18, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2015 by laine0318
I am testing 10.1 PrintService (both the default and custom Export Web Map Task) with the Flexviewer 3.0 Print Widget.

When printing, if the user does not check ???use this scale??? box in the Flex Print Widget, it will print out a map at slightly larger scale (and scale with the map viewer), one that doesn???t match any of the standard ArcGIS Online/ Bing Maps/ Google Maps scales and seems arbitrary. If you click ???use this scale??? then zoom in and out the scale does not automatically change, and will print at fixed scale even though the user is zoomed in. So say a user is zoomed in at 1:36,112 and the ???use this scale??? is checked at 577791, the output map is nothing like what the user is looking at on the screen.  This is confusing to the user.

Is this a known issue?


Also, the legend outputs are inconsistent. Sometimes they print out a nice graphic of the legend, other times the graphic is barely legible.

It would be also nice if there was something on the resources/help that states all of the acceptable
layout sizes you can use through the PrintingTools(GP Server)