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CityEngine 2012.1 Advanced - network license w/ Desktop 10.1  installs, AD Domain use

Question asked by vsfoote on Mar 16, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2013 by vsfoote

Installing  City Engine 2012.1 (CityEngine_2012_1_64bit_130381.exe) onto a multiuser Windows Active Directory Domain member 64-bit Windows 7 workstation, ArcGIS 10.1 installed and an Advanced (ArcInfo) concurrent seat selected and authorized.

The CityEngine install has some pretty unusual Windows installation behavior.  Specifically, when using a Domain managed local administrators group member account, if the installation is performed "Run as Administrator" launch after installation fails.  And then for that local administratos group Domain account, when the Welcome Wizard runs, the user account has no access to the default Workspace location of the "Run as Administrator" install. The Wizard closes with a message that it could not open that workspace.

Subsequent attempts to launch CityEngine result in a CityEngine License error message "CityEngine is not authorized for use..."


[INDENT] The same domain local administrators group member account, or the local system Administrator account (activated for my deployments), can perform the installation and authorize CityEngine not "Run as Administrator" followed by launch of Welcome Wizard. But then other local & domain users are not able to launch CityEngine unless the default WorkSpace is set during initial Welcome Wizard run to a common use directory on the system. And, the esriLicense.config file has to remain in the account where created, and all users need to be granted read access to it.[/INDENT]

This authorization and configuration behavior is not common for a multiuser, Enterprise application and will cause a lot of issues and behaves more like a single use product.  I hope you can get some assistance from the Esri product engineers on adjusting the installer and program behavior for next release of CityEngine as the extension has been picked up for classroom use by our Urban and Regional Design program in our College of Architecture. Installation glitches are impeding that classroom use.

In the interim, two questions for you that might allow a more flexible management of user configuration:
[INDENT]1) where in the CityEngine program does the path to the esriLicense.config get recorded; could it be moved to a common location like C:\Program Files\Common\Esri, or C:\ProgramData\Esri?

2) is it possible to change the default Workspace opened on launch directly in a common configuration file, or possibly a per-user configuration file; where would that be found in the CityEngine program directories?[/INDENT]