Time impedance does not honor default cutoff value correctly

Discussion created by vorosk on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2013 by pstevens-esristaff
I've created a network data set to that utilizes hierarchy to assign and global turn delay to assign a severe penalty to crossing unsignalized arterial roadway crossings. The intent was to assign a high value and set the cutoff value well below the threshold. In testing the network, I've determined that cost is accumulating as expected, but network analyst is finding routes with a much higher cost value than I've specified in the analysis settings. I should note that I used the Global Turn Delay calculator to set my turn delay very high for local roadways crossing arterials.

Network analyst will not 'solve' when the cutoff is lower than 150. However, when I use any higher value the time accumulation is well above the threshold (about 5,000) which is the value I assigned to the intersections. Coincidentally, the points are about 150 M apart. I'm wondering if I've set the evaluators incorrectly? Screenshot attached.