NLiu's Table of Contents(TOC)/Layer Visiblity not honored with nonLegend layers

Discussion created by dcastano on Mar 12, 2013
I want to start off by saying that NLiu's TOC/Legend tool has been really useful.  I use to have two different panels to manage the layer list and the TOC legend swatches. I had it on my "todo List" to develop some code to megre the two into one panel. Then I came across this tool and decided that there was no reason to "reinvent the wheel"

So far the NLiu's TOC/Legend tool has done what I wanted, it looks nice, it allows users to toggle layer visibility at both the top level and at a sub-layer grouping.  However, I have run into thte following.
1) When using the "noLegend" option, the layer Label displays as it should along with the respective checkbox.  However, the checkbox control and the Label are not honoring the display scale. Meaning that the Label is still bold black text instead of "greyed" out text and the checkbox is also not "disabled" if the layer is not visible at that scale.  Refer to the Image below, note that the layer in the TOC called "Scanned Topo Map" is not visible at the current scale, however it appears to the user as though it is visible.  Also, note that the last two layers in my TOC below are set with sub-layers, since the sub-layers are not visible at the current scale the respective checkbox and label are disabled/greyed out ..however, the top base layer checkbox and label are normal.


Can someone suggest a quick fix?
Better yet, what is the suggested method for indicating a potential "undesired feature"?

2) Is there a way to include image services? Essentially, they should be handled the same as a layer that does not have a "legend list" - no sub-layers.   -  this suggestion/option is not quite as important as the one above