Highlight point layer from within an Infowindow

Discussion created by simon.miles.rbwm on Aug 3, 2010
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i've created a infowindow that will tell me election based info on a polygon layer,

var title = attr.PD_NAME;
        var content = "<b>Constit. :</b> " + attr.CONSTIT
                   + "<br /><b>Polling station :</b> <br />" + attr.POL_STAT
                   + "<br /><b>Web info :</b> <a href=" + attr.WEB +" target=_blank ;'>"+ attr.PD_NAME+"</a>"
               + "<br /><b>Ward : </b> " + attr.WARD;

I was wondering if it was possible from within that infowindow to add some code where by I could click on the "Polling station" attribute and within the same api, the polling station point would be highlighted on the map?