Having a problem Intersecting data!

Discussion created by crabtreecj on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2013 by dstone66
I'm doing a project for school and I've ran into a problem. I've taken a census block shape file and a census SF1 dbf file and joined them. I've taken 3 points of interest in my city, created a 2 mile buffer around them and then intersected the buffer and the census block to get only the census blocks within my buffer. The problem that keeps coming up is when I open the attribute table for the newly created intersect the field names for my census data have been renamed to the dbf file name with a different number at the end of each field, I attached a picture, so instead of the attribute table having fields such as race and sex they only have name Tgr4700_01, Tgr4700_2 and so on.

Why are my fields being renamed after I do the intersect?

I'm trying to duplicate what is being done in this you tube video ( ) Using ArcGIS 10 and Census to interpolate the population within a radius, which is what my instructor told me to do but I keep running into the renaming problem!