How to create filled contour lines

Discussion created by mikestuart26 on Feb 26, 2013
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Hi, I am quite new to ArcGIS, I'm an undergrad at Uni.

I am currently stuck trying to create filled contour lines of my map of sea level rise like this: http://blogs.esri.com/esri/arcgis/files/2012/11/screenShot.png

These are the stages I've currently completed:
1. Imported the .tif map files from Digimap and Mosaic'd them together
2. Imported the .tif profile DTM files from Digimap and Mosaic'd them together
3. Extracted contour lines at an interval of 0.5m from the DTM using the Arc Toolbox: Spatial Analyst Tools>Surface>Contour
4. Changed the contour lines properties from 'Single symbol' to 'Graduated colours' under the Symbology tab
5. Changed the range to show only: 0.0-0.5, 0.6-1.0, 1.1-2.0, 2.1-3.0 and 3.1-4.0 meters

This produces the attached map:

So yeah I don't know how to create filled contour lines, without resorting to using MS Paint or something.

Any help would be much appreciated!