Spatial Join tool - incorrect Count?

Discussion created by Hydronaut on Feb 25, 2013
Hi all,

I am trying to count the number of point features that exist inside of a polygon feature.

When running the Spatial Join tool on a single polygon feature, I note that the 'Join_Count' is incorrect.

Does anybody know why this might be? 
I am using the Buffer 500m Polygon as my Target Feature and the Contact Features (points) as my Join Features.
I'm also using the CONTAINS Match Option.

In my attachment below, you'll see that the Join_Count is returning '12', but on screen I am counting 14 points for which I am analysing.

Might it be something to do with this?
CONTAINS: If a Target Feature contains a Join Feature, transfer the attributes of the Join Feature to the Target Feature. For this option, the Target Features cannot be points, and the Join Features can only be polygons when the Target Features are also polygons.