Drawing -> Rectangle has curved outline by default. How to stop this?

Discussion created by j256 on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2013 by recurvata
See image attached. When you select Rectangle from the Drawing toolbar, it has a curved outside corner by default. This is surely not a rectangle, but anyway, how do I change the default setting?

In order to change the curved outline to a straight line, you have to delve inside a ridiculous number of menus, as follows:

1. Right click -> Properties
2. Change Symbol
3. Edit Symbol
4. Outline
5. Edit Symbol
6. Then choose Cartographic line symbol. At this point your previous line colour and width settings are forgotten. V frustrating.
7. Adjust the line caps setting to square, set colour and size
8. Click OK
9. Click OK
10. Click OK
11. Click OK
12. Click OK

That is an utterly absurd number of steps to change a property. Who designed these terrible nested menus, and when are they going to be replaced by a half decent properties dialog that doesn't force you into a seemingly never-ending series of steps? Please fix