Popup is not displaying queried Related Records

Discussion created by irngeotec on Feb 18, 2013
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I have a Feature Service in my ArcGIS for Server 10.1 that displays features in a concrete world region. This same service, has a relationship with a table in my database, so every feature represented in the map, has attached several record I would like to display. At first, just for practising, I tried this example that shows the related records in a side grid, but then I decide it would be better and compact to display those records on a Popup, as this example shows.

But it turns out that after querying the related records and making sure that I have received them correctly, putting them on an Array of Features (or Deferred) and passing all those results to the Popup.setFeatures(Features[] | Deferred[]) the results are not displaying in the popup. I searched on this same forum and on GIS StackExchange and found some people similar problems, but I do not see a clear workaround.

The funny thing is that the title part of the Popup presents the counter of the total number of related records for that feature, so I think that Popup does receive the Array of Features. I am attaching an image to make it clear:

[ATTACH=CONFIG]21916[/ATTACH] there anything wrong in my features? They are the result of a queryRelatedFeatures so I am not sure of how much can I modify this output to match the Popup. And, in the end, if this function returns an array of features, why setFeatures() is not displying them? Something missing? Maybe a parameter?

Here is my code:

          var query = new esri.tasks.Query();
          query.geometry = pointToExtent(map,evt.mapPoint,10);
          var deferred = featureLayer.selectFeatures(query,esri.layers.FeatureLayer.SELECTION_NEW);
          deferred.then(function (results) {           
           dojo.forEach(results, function(res){
            var relatedTopsQuery = new esri.tasks.RelationshipQuery();
            relatedTopsQuery.outFields = ["*"];
            relatedTopsQuery.relationshipId = 0;
            relatedTopsQuery.objectIds = [res.attributes['OBJECTID']];
            reldeferred = featureLayer.queryRelatedFeatures(relatedTopsQuery, function(relatedRecords) {
              var fset = relatedRecords[res.attributes['OBJECTID']];             
              dojo.forEach(fset.features, function(feature){
               feature.attributes.StartDate = Date(feature.attributes.StartDate).toLocaleString();
              feature.attributes.EndDate = Date(feature.attributes.EndDate).toLocaleString();
              featureArray = [];

            }); // close related deferred             
   }); // close for each
   }); // close deferred then          

I tried to pass to the setFeatures function the array of features I am building and the deferred once it is created. But the output is similar: the array returns what the image shows and the deferred something like "No information available".

I have been struggling with this several days and I am completely stuck, please, can anyone provide some help?  :-)

Thanks to all!