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Symbology not correct from ArcGIS Online Map

Question asked by bpstewar on Feb 14, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2013 by bpstewar
This is a really weird error, so I apologize if I don't voice it correctly. I am embedding a map from ArcGIS online into another webpage, and the symbols coming from AGO do not reflect what is shown in the new website, see the attached image with AGO on the left and the web map on the right.

Below is the code I am using to embed the map
function loadPortalMap(configOptions) {     esri.arcgis.utils.arcgisUrl = configOptions['portalUrl'] + "sharing/content/items";     var webmapID = configOptions['webMapId'];     viewDefinition = configOptions['lyrDefn'];     //Get webmapID from country code     //Create the appropriate dropdowns describing the layers to draw     for (var index = 0; index < viewDefinition.length; index ++) {         var item = viewDefinition[index];         var dType = item[0];         var optn = document.getElementById(dType);         var option = document.createElement("option");         option.text = item[1];         option.value = index;         try {             optn.add(option, null);         } catch (error) {              optn.add(option);         }     }      var params = { q: 'id:' + webmapID };     var mapDeffered = esri.arcgis.utils.createMap(webmapID, 'map', { mapOptions: {         logo: false,          showInfoWindowOnClick: false,         sliderStyle:"small"     } });          mapDeffered.addCallback(function(response) {         var layers = response.itemInfo.itemData.operationalLayers;         dojo.forEach(layers, function(layer) {             if (!layer.featureCollection){                  layerInfo.push({"layer":layer.layerObject,"title":layer.title});              } else {                 dojo.forEach(layer.featureCollection.layers, function(featLyr) {                     layerInfo.push({"layer":featLyr.layerObject,"title":featLyr.title});                  });             }         });                      createLegend(layerInfo, mapDeffered.results[0].map);                 layerInfo.reverse();         //changeMap();         //Set the description information from the item to          $("#tableDiv").html("<h2>Data</h2><div id='innerText'>" + response.itemInfo.item.description + "</div>");     });      mapDeffered.addErrback(function(error) {         //Do something here if map doesn't load properly         var something = error;     });           }