locator scoring wrong address higher than correct address

Discussion created by msteinbrenner on Feb 11, 2013
hello everyone,

i am attaching a screenshot that shows a problem we are encountering with the address locator in 10.1.


while i do understand why technically bread st scores higher; it will still put all addresses in for the 100 block of broad st in a completely different part of the city unless the scoring is set to 96%.

if someone could help me to fix this it would be fantastic.

and another question: if there is anyway to get the locator to prompt you if it finds two matching possibly correct candidates like  100 n broad st and 100 s broad st for you to manually pick which is correct? right now we just have the preferences set so high it won't match unless the street has the proper predir and sufdir. what would be perfect is if there is some way to ignore the predir and sufdir if there is only one option. for example: 900 markle should produce a match since that address range of markle does not exist with another suffix (the only markle we have is markle st); but 8600 axe factory would not match because there is both a 8600 axe factory dwy and an 8600 axe factory ln in our streets feature class.

any help would be greatly appreciated!