Disconnected Editing of AGOL feature service in ArcMap - constraints not working

Discussion created by bschwarz on Feb 1, 2013
Hello all,

I published a feature service from a FC into ArcGIS Online (AGOL).

Configured feature service in AGOL to track users who edit the feature service and to only allow them to edit their own features after they've created them (see attached screen shot).

When using map viewer client, the constraints appear to work perfectly well.

When I use ArcGIS Desktop as the client, I need to download a copy of feature service to a local fGDB, make the edits and sync these back to the service. 

I have experienced the following:

What worked:

  • Attribute edits worked

What did NOT work:

  • Adding new project features with attributes ??? did not upload coord info but (I did notice later) that the attributes are on server

  • Editing existing feature coordinates ??? was able to edit the coords but edits did not get updated on server

  • Constraint to ONLY edit features (and associated attributes) that were created by myself - I was able to edit another users features and attributes and the attributes were updated, and the owner of the feature was changed to myself when I next viewed from map viewer.

Any thoughts?
Are the feature service constraints created in AGOL enforced in the map viewer client or are they stored in the database?
Is this just a case of a known bug, a known deficiency, or something I'm not configuring correctly?

Cheers, b