Replica not sync'ing

Discussion created by Wolseley on Jan 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by hmccracken-esristaff
I have Geodatabase 1 and Geodatabase 2.

Geodatabase 1 is the PARENT

Geodatabase 2 is the ONE-WAY REPLICA

I added a new Domain to Geodatabase 1, and a new field to 3 Feature Classes (MAJ_VLV, Text, 3).

In ArcCatalog I right clicked on Geodatabase 1 - Distributed Geodatabase - Synchronize Changes. I want to make the changes I did in Geodatabase 1 appear in Geodatabase 2.

It seemed to sync ok. No errors. But, I then opened Geodatabase 2 and the changes are not there. I then refreshed Geodatabase 2, still the changes do not show up. Any ideas on what is happening?

I have attached a screenshot of the Synchronize Changes Dialog Box.