Simulating a cracked wall - envelope and polygonal modelling problem

Discussion created by panayiotish on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2013 by MBuehler-esristaff
Good evening to all!

I am a new user in City Engine and I would like some help about something.

I am trying to simulate a cracked wall. That means that I have to create a wall with a polynomial hole somewhere in the edge of it. My initial thought was to split the wall to many smaller parts and by adjusting the height of each part I will eventually have my desired result.

The thing though, is that each part of the wall, is rectangular. That means that the result wan't be realistic enough. So I tried to make a polygon, in fact a rectangular with a slope on the top. But as I have seen, the polygonal modelling is only done manually. So I have to manually make each part of the wall. My questions now are:

1) Can I somehow use the polygonal modelling in a CGA rule in order to create a part of the wall with a slope?

2) I have seen that something similar can be done by using ENVELOPE. The thing though with the ENVELOPE is that the slope is only done to the front of the wall. I want the slope to by done to the side, so by combining all the parts of the wall next to each other I will have what I want. How can that be done, to change which is the front part of the wall?

3) Is there any other way I can simulate such cracks?

I attach an example of the wall I need to make. The cracks are seen with the red circles.

Thank you in advance!!