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way too see script behind a toolbox tool?

Question asked by hoopoe on Jan 28, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2013 by meriya
I know we can use any tool in the toolbox using arcpy and I have been using them. 
I am having trouble getting the syntax correct for one particular tool even though I can successfully do what I want using the tool.
We need to automate this process to do it for several features, so we need to get the python code syntax correct.

The tool is the Feature Class to Feature Class tool under the Conversion Tools/to Geodabase and we are adding a field mapping of ObjectID to FID... which can be done successfully with the tool.  We need to maintain object ID as it is in the enterprise DB.  This is needed for a mobile solution.

Attached is a photo of the tool with the added field at the bottom... so my question is, how do I see the syntax for performing this operation so we can emmulate it using python?