Extrusion in CE 2012 does not work anymore

Discussion created by katze01 on Jan 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2013 by MBuehler-esristaff
Hi there,

I used my old pretty simple rule file for building extrusion based on an attribute field in a shapefile (called "height", field type Double), but the rule does not work anymore in CE 2012.
# inizialize attrs

attr height = 0

# please note : If the StartRule annotation is set, CityEngine automatically checks for Object Attibutes
# coming from GIS Data. If there exists one with the specific name, CE will point to it.

Lot -->
 extrude(world.y, height)

After generating, the building footprints are black, the shapes disappeared and nothing is extruded into the 3rd dimension (see attachment). I have chosen "object attribute with name 'height'" in the Attribute Connection Editor.