Interpreting weighted kernel density results

Discussion created by aaronpozn on Jan 21, 2013
The attached image shows a kernel density estimate based on tree locations.  A population field was used which included tree height and the search distance was set to approximately 5.64 m.  I am having a hard time trying to justify/explain the units on the output, especially since the ground-based average tree height is 0.59 meters.  The documentation states that if a population field is specified, the population value will be used to weight the KDE.  For example, if I assign the population field to "Tree Height (m)" a tree that is 3m tall will be counted 3 times for the KDE.

  1. Is it appropriate to weight the KDE based on tree height?

  2. What do the actual values mean in the attached graphic?  Are these points estimates of average tree height in a given area?