Problems deploying 3.3 via own corporate network

Discussion created by mark1984 on Jan 16, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2013 by AndyMan
I'm having a few problems with using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript v3.3 on my corporate network. This isn't connected to the Internet so I've downloaded both the AP and the SDK from

First of all - the SDK html pages don't seem to work out of the box. You just seem to get javascript errors with nothing loading on the screen:


Secondly the API install instructions haven't been updated for those using ArcGis Server version 10.1 (configuring the Rest API). The location of the config files are in a different folder location. I also needed to configure IIS to use Default.ashx as a default document which doesn't appear to be in the instructions any more.

And finally (and most importantly) I can't actually seem to get the API working. After configuring the Rest API to point to the new version if I go through and view a service using the JavaScript viewer via the Rest services directory I just get a blank page - no Javascript errors - just a blank page (with the exception of the title at the top).

Has anyone else been successful in deploying the JavaScript API on their own 10.1 server? Any ideas on what I might have done wrong?!

Thanks in advance,