Labeling Problem with arc 10.1 v 9.3 �??<UND>�?� & �??       �?? & �??</UND>" ?

Discussion created by TritonSA on Jan 9, 2013
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Hi All,
We recently upgraded to arc 10.1 from arc 9.3. I am having the same problem with this forum so it might be a little tricky to explain. Our old site symbol looked like the attached Graphic1. We used the following VB code to get that:

�??<UND>�?� & [Field 1] & �??       �?? & [Field2] & �??</UND>�?� & vbNewLine & [Field3] & �??-�?? & [Field4] & �??       �??  & �??[�?? & [Field5] & �??]�?�

The first problem I ran into arc was not recognizing the spaces in the code then I found the �??removed extra spaces from label was checked�?� in the maplex tab. When I unchecked that option I got the right spacing but the leader line I was using no longer lined up with my text and the spaces are not underlined. So in conclusion I guess I have 2 problems

1: Why does �??<UND>�?� & �??        �?? & �??</UND>�?�  not  =  ______     
2: Why does un-checking the �??Remove extra spaces from label�?� box put my leader line out to lunch

I could just be using an outdated method to accomplish what I am trying to do. If anyone has a newer method or a way to tweak my original methodology to accomplish my goal of creating a label just like Graphic 1 it sure would help me out,
Thanks and sorry about the novel of a post