Graph, changing item names in legend

Discussion created by magrugle on Jan 9, 2013
I'm having python produce a multi-series graph. How do you change the series name in the legend, the default being Vertical Bar, Vertical Bar1, Vertical Bar2....

Thank you for the help!
                                      '''SERIES=bar:vertical DATA={0}
                                      X=ParkUnit Y=Coverage LABEL=ParkUnit SORT=ASC;
                                      SERIES=bar:vertical DATA={1} X=ParkUnit Y=Coverage;
                                      SERIES=bar:vertical DATA={2} X=ParkUnit Y=Coverage;
                                      SERIES=bar:vertical DATA={3} X=ParkUnit Y=Coverage;
                                      SERIES=bar:vertical DATA={4} X=ParkUnit Y=Coverage;
                                      GRAPH=general TITLE={5}, Total Coverage by Unit;
                                      LEGEND=general TITLE=Year Total Coverage;
                                      '''.format(scratchReport + str(year),
                                       scratchReport + str(year-1),
                                       scratchReport + str(year-2),
                                       scratchReport + str(year-3),
                                      scratchReport + str(year-4),