Problems with Open Street Map laler and a dynamic layer

Discussion created by capennington on Jan 8, 2013
I am trying to display an Open Street Map (OSM) layer along with a dynamic layer.  If I display just one of these, it works as expected.  If I make the OSM layer the first layer and add a dynamic layer, both display, but any dragging or zooming makes the dynamic disappear.  If I make the dynamic layer first, the OSM layer, which should be on top, does not show at all.

The coordinate systems of the two layers are different, and maybe that's the problem.  I have not addressed that yet and suggestions on how to do that are welcome.  The dynamic layer is the state of Hawaii.  The extent I'm using is correct for it (Oahu), and the OSM layer shows an area in Africa for that extent, but I have not yet worried about that.  Since the extent does show data for each layer, it seems that the combination of layers should at least both show.

The code is attached.