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CGA Facade parts

Question asked by flol on Dec 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2020 by CLau-esristaff
Hello everybody !

i recently tried my first cga steps - and encountered a strange effect.
After splitting a Building into several Floors (as in the Tutorial) i tried to map a facade to a Floor.


comp(f) { top: Top | front : nord | back : sued | left : ost | right :  west } split(y){ HoeheEG: Floor(split.index)fassadenstreifen.Facade | Hoehe1und2Stock: Floor(split.index) | Hoehe1und2Stock: Floor(split.index)  | {~Hoehe1und2Stock: Floor(split.index)}*   | Hoehe1und2Stock: Floor(999)   | 0.5 : s('1,'1,0.3) LedgeAsset}    

fassadenstreifen.Facade is an imported cga Facade, created using the facade wizard.
regardless what kind of facade or texture i try to attach to my Ground Floor, the result is always something like this:


as you can see, the facade is shimmering through the building - did i do something wrong, mapping the facade directly to the Floor ?

thank you for all answers !