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Rename fields!

Question asked by ctiwari on Dec 19, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by Srr2013
Hi All,

Here is another addition to relatively trivial tasks that are hard to do in ArcMap!

I am trying to rename fields using ArcCatalog. So, I open shapefile properties and select "Fields". The interface seems to suggest that field names can be modified - I can click and I have the option to rename. After I rename and click Apply, I get a relatively useless message - "Failed to alter the name of the field". See attached image for more information. Any guesses why this is happening?

Here is some more information that may help:

1. The shapefile is not open in any other software.
2. ArcMap is not running.
3. The shapefile is relatively small and is located on a local hard drive.
4. I'm using column names that are less than 8 characters.