Raster Calculator fails in ModelBuilder but works when used as individual tool

Discussion created by Skywalker87 on Dec 11, 2012
Latest reply on May 10, 2013 by curtvprice

I am building a model in ModelBuilder to identify suitable locations, and I am trying to use Raster Calculator as a mechanism for selecting out pixels for a suitable location based on environmental variables (slope, soil texture, etc...). I initially use Raster Calculator on 3 input rasters to change all suitable cells for that particular environmental variable to have a value of 1 and all remaining unsuitable cells to 0. I then use Raster Calculator again to sum the output rasters, producing a final raster that contains only suitable location cells. The model will run up until the final step, which is using Raster Calculator to sum the individual output rasters. The map algebra expression looks like this:

"%rastercalc%" + "%rastercalc2%" + "%rastercalc3%"

I receive the error message that is attached. However, when I take the output rasters generated in ModelBuilder and then run Raster Calculator outside of ModelBuilder to sum them, the result is successful. I am not sure why this is happening. Any help?