Tyring to modify MXD symbology with Python - Is it possible?

Discussion created by gis_tech on Dec 7, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2014 by xander_bakker
Hello, everyone. I've got a script that downloads a large number of shapefiles from an FTP site. Those shapefiles are then imported into a FileGeodatabase FeatureClass.

I need to use a python script to automate a few MXD modifications each time the data are downloaded and I???m not sure if it???s even possible. I don???t need a fully scripted solution but if anyone here could tell me which, if any python objects to use, that would be stellar.

The tasks are as follows:
1)  Categorize the symbology of data based on the TimeStamp field in the FeatureClass.
2)  Use the Up Arrow as the symbol for all data points.
3)  Assign the Rotation of the Up Arrow based on the Bearing field.

I've attached a screenshot, showing the conversion which I need to perform in terms of symbology.

Thanks a million for any help!