GPS Locator for a WebMap on Mobile Phone

Discussion created by fcd_millerc on Nov 30, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2013 by COP_GIS
I have also noticed that the GPS function when you open up a Web Map on a mobile phone is not consistently reliable.  GPS is enabled on my iPhone4s.  When I press the lower left button (see screenshot) sometimes is gps locates me and zooms down and sometimes I press it and nothing happens.  Any ideas/suggestions on what is going on there?  I have tested this on and iPhone4, iPhone4s, and two android phones.

When the gps locator does work, I have also noticed that once you move around in the map and go to gps locate yourself again the map wont re-find you.  It will relocate you when you are looking at a map through the ArcGIS ESRI App though.  Is this a limitation on viewing the map through a web browser on a phone?

Here is my FCDMC ALERT Locator Map http://bit.ly/SzsZWU